Strong Litigator, Trusted Advisor, Seasoned Advocate.

Our Team

Qualified and capable counselors

At Barrow Law Firm, we are Advocates, Counselors, and Litigators who believe that sometimes Cooperative Law serves the needs of our clients more than Courtroom Combat. We will work with you to assist in solving your legal issues efficiently and quickly, whether through persuasive negotiation outside of the courtroom or before a judge and jury. In court, we bring to bear an arsenal of knowledge of the substantive law, the rules of procedure, and the rules of evidence.

A. Elliott Barrow, Jr.

Elliott’s proficiency with law and litigation help him lead his firm with success and dignity. With more than 30 years of courtroom experience, he works with you efficiently and quickly to solve your legal issues.

Gale Fennell

CPA, Paralegal
As Elliott’s right-hand, Gale is available to assist with all of your case needs. She also has responsibility for managerial and financial oversight of the day to day operations at Barrow Law Firm.

Trese R. Freitag

Office Manager
As the first face that you’ll encounter when you enter our firm, Trese always wears a bright smile. She is welcoming and kind, helping our clients feel comfortable and at ease during their visit with us.

Ashley Neale

A business owner and independent contractor, Ashley assists our law firm with payroll and provides consulting services as needed to our office. She is a valuable asset to our team.