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Our Team

Our Team

A. Elliott Barrow, Jr.

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elliott-profileupdatedElliott has dedicated his legal career to helping others obtain justice. His legal proficiency and compassionate care have been guiding forces throughout his career, leading him to great success over the past thirty years. He is highly respected in the legal community for his consistent and thorough investigation, meticulous preparation and zealous representation. While showing formidable force in the courtroom when necessary, he also realizes that sometimes mediation and cooperative law can serve the needs of his clients more effectively than courtroom combat.

Elliott’s practice focuses on helping families and small businesses when they need help dealing with insurance companies after suffering debilitating injuries or death; contract disputes; defective construction; hazardous drugs and machinery; and mediated settlements and arbitration.

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Annalynn Stein

As Barrow Law Firm’s senior paralegal, Annalynn provides superior service to clients and assists them in working through the complex issues of their case. With a Master’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from George Washington University, Annalynn is well-versed in litigation,personal injury, and case management. Read More...

Gale Fennell

CPA, Paralegal
As Elliott’s right-hand, Gale is available to assist with all of your case needs. She also has responsibility for managerial and financial oversight of the day to day operations at Barrow Law Firm. Read More...

Trese R. Freitag

Office Manager
As the first face that you’ll encounter when you enter our firm, Trese always wears a bright smile. She is welcoming and kind, helping our clients feel comfortable and at ease during their visit with us. Read More...

Ashley Neale

A business owner and independent contractor, Ashley assists our law firm with payroll and provides consulting services as needed to our office. She is a valuable asset to our team. Read More...