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Our Team

Our Legal Team

Tabatha Tabelle from Barrow Law Firm.
Tabitha Tavelle


Tabitha Tavelle helps clients work through the complex issues of their case. She provides critical assistance and superior service in the day-to-day management of cases and is there to assist and support clients and team members.

Lauren Ur

Office Manager

Your first contact with the Barrow Law Firm team will likely be with Lauren Ur, our professional office manager, whose friendly manner puts our clients at ease. In addition to setting appointments, answering the phones and tending to other client matters, Lauren is here to assure client comfort.

Ashley Neale from Barrow Law Firm.
Ashley Neale


Ashley Neale is an independent contractor and accountant who handles all of Barrow Law Firm’s accounting and client billing. She also assists clients in complex cases in completing their court mandated financial declarations.


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