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Client Testimonials

I am very glad I chose Elliott to help our family through this difficult time. Watching him work professionally reinforced what I already knew about him. He’s an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, a consummate professional.
– Brian Ball, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
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Elliott is a highly ethical, stand-up guy. When he takes on a case, he becomes very invested in it and doesn’t give up until it’s settled for the client’s benefit.
– Stefanie Prichard, Charleston, S.C.
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“I felt like a valued client throughout the entire process”
– Terri H. Nichols
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Professional Testimonials

Elliott is one of most respected trial lawyers in South Carolina; he is a zealous advocate and has been complimented by opposing counsel on his thorough preparation for depositions and argument at motions, hearings, and trials.
– Emily G. Johnston, JD/MBA
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