Strong Litigator, Trusted Advisor, Seasoned Advocate.
Tabatha “Tabby” Tavelle

Ashley Neale

The newest addition to our team, Ashley is an independent contractor and accountant who handles all of our law firm's payroll. She is a valuable asset who provides consulting services as needed to our firm. We all know we are in good hands with Ashley! She and her family reside in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Trese R. Freitag

Your first contact with the Barrow Law Firm team will likely be with Trese. Her smile will appear in her voice as she answers your incoming call, and then gladly greets you in person as you visit with us. Trese will make you comfortable and at ease, and then will usher you into an inner office for conferences, depositions, and other meetings. Trese will handle the initial administrative aspects of your file, an invaluable and indispensable service. Moreover, Trese, in addition to all her other duties, fields an average of 200 incoming calls per day, carefully and precisely routing them to the appropriate person for subsequent treatment.

Gale Fennell

With a head for facts and a heart for service, Gale assists with casework as well as managerial and financial tasks on an as-needed basis. She is well known by clients and co-workers alike as a person of excellence in all that she does.