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Marijuana and Driving: Has legalization caused more road accidents?

With regards to impaired driving, alcohol consumption is still the number one cause of road accidents and deaths. As states throughout the nation relax laws on the use of marijuana, the impact on the roads is unclear. Will more users pose threats to innocent drivers and civilians? Has legalizing marijuana caused more road accidents? How...
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Businesses Use Forced Arbitration Loophole to Deny Day in Court

Imagine an alarming workplace environment where an employee was harassed, assaulted, but then dismissed by her employer and the circuit courts. That’s what happened to Tia who was sexually harassed for months by her employer at Circuit City. Her employment case against the company was thrown out of court and eventually it was dropped. (Read...
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Top Roadway Dangers in Charleston & Defensive Driving Tips

South Carolina ranked “8th most dangerous state to drive in” recently by The Wall Street Journal. And, this isn’t the first time we’ve received a poor rating. Often South Carolina has more accidents and deaths per 100,000 residents than other states in the country. What can we do to help keep drivers, passengers, pedestrians and...
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