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Case Study: Brian Ball

Client Testimonial: Brian Ball

Case background:

One day in October 2013, around mid-day, Brian Ball’s father was crossing a residential street on his way to a nearby store when he was struck by a vehicle. He died that night of internal injuries. The driver of the car claimed that the elder Mr. Ball had appeared suddenly on the right side of her vehicle, darting out from some nearby shrubs, and that she couldn’t see him until it was too late. She denied being on her mobile phone at the time of the accident. No charges were brought against her, and Mr. Ball was deemed to have been at fault. However, Brian suspected that there was more to the story, and that further, in-depth investigation was warranted. He called Elliott Barrow, his friend and fellow Rotarian, for advice and guidance.


Here’s the rest of the story, as told by Brian Ball.

After the accident, Elliott was the first attorney who came to mind, not just because I knew him but because he has an excellent reputation in town. I called him two days after my father passed, on a Sunday night. He took my call, and I found myself sitting in his office the next morning.

He told me he was going to check on a number of details of the accident to determine if there were factors that were wrong or not included in the police report.

He went to the body shop where the driver’s vehicle’s windshield and body were being replaced and repaired. He observed that the damage was on the left side of the vehicle, not the right, which meant that my father hadn’t suddenly appeared out of the shrubs on the right side, as the driver claimed. Instead, he had been in full view on the left side where there were no shrubs to obscure her view. Additionally, Elliott consulted with physicians who were involved in my father’s care at the hospital. They confirmed and corroborated other physical evidence that demonstrated that my father was not at fault.

Elliott also obtained phone records from the driver’s cell phone carrier, which revealed that she had been texting right around the time of the accident.

Initially, the driver’s insurance company offered a settlement, which was inadequate, but after learning of Elliott’s discoveries and proof, they became more willing to negotiate, and we eventually received a fair settlement.

I am very glad I chose Elliott to help our family through this difficult time. Watching him work professionally reinforced what I already knew about him. He’s an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, a consummate professional.

Elliott is very client-focused. We appreciated that his firm is small and we weren’t handed off to an associate, but were able to deal with him directly. He made us feel like we were his only clients and felt supported and informed every step of the way.

–Brian Ball, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.