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Stefanie Prichard

Client Testimonial: Stefanie Prichard


I retained Elliott a number of years ago for a civil case that was settled very successfully. Since then I have recommended him to numerous friends.

There are several reasons I feel comfortable referring people to Elliott. Elliott is a highly ethical, stand-up guy. When he takes on a case, he becomes very invested in it and doesn’t give up until it’s settled for the client’s benefit. He goes above and beyond to fight for what he thinks is right—a pit bull when you need him to be.

One quality about Elliott that I discovered when he was representing me is that he partners with his clients. He takes time to strategize with his clients and puts their best interests first. I have found Elliott to be a good listener, and he has always treated me with respect and dignity.

He is not the type of attorney to run up unnecessary billable hours. He’s highly knowledgeable and knows how to get things done for his clients. He doesn’t mind returning calls after hours if necessary.

Elliott is the first person I think of when someone needs an attorney, and I never hesitate to refer other people to him.


– Stefanie Prichard, Charleston