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Terri H. Nichols

Client Testimonial: Terri H. Nichols

On August 1, 2012 my car was hit when a Pizza Hut delivery driver coming in the opposite direction turned in front of me and almost hit me head-on. The accident shattered my right ankle so severely that the doctors seriously considered amputating my leg from the knee down. I was unable to walk for 12 weeks and knew my foot and ankle would never be the same.

I retained an attorney recommended to me by a family member. I knew nothing about him but didn’t check him out. I was too busy trying to get well.

Nearly three years passed and my case hadn’t been resolved. My attorney wasn’t doing any legwork. He wasn’t communicating with me or paying attention to my case. I knew I had to find someone else—fast. I was in danger of forfeiting my right to sue.

I made an appointment to see Elliott. From the first moment I sat down with him I felt comfortable. He pointed out numerous errors that needed immediate attention and told me I had a really good case.

There was little time to spare, so he kicked into high gear. He had to unravel all the complexities of dealing with a large corporation like Pizza Hut. He went to the site of my accident and filmed it. He made a model of what my foot looked like from the X-rays.

He located and deposed a witness to the accident who had not been contacted by my former attorney!

When we went to mediation, Elliott arrived totally prepared and won an outstanding judgment for me.

The difference between dealing with Elliott on the one hand and dealing with my first attorney on the other was like the difference between day and night. He made me feel like his only client. He took time to explain everything to me and answer my questions. I never felt rushed. He was empathetic and very much a gentleman.

I liked the fact that his firm wasn’t large, and he gave me a lot of his time and personal attention. I felt like a valued client throughout the entire process.

I would not have gotten such an excellent settlement if I had stayed with the other attorney and will always be very grateful to Elliott for all he did for me.
Terri H. Nichols
Mt. Pleasant, S.C.