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We Support Taking Justice Back – Join Us!

Last week the American Association for Justice started their Take Justice Back campaign – an initiative to “educate the public, reporters, and decision makers on Capitol Hill about the critical role the civil justice system plays in protecting individuals and families.”

We agree that consumers are protected through the civil justice system, and it is very apparent with automobile improvements. The AAJ’s latest study, Driven to Safety, is an accurate auto safety report packed with information to keep businesses and manufacturers from hiding dangerous automobile products.

This is an important time for us to act. Let’s not wait for more injuries and wrongful deaths. Let’s get involved.

How Was GM Driven to Safety?

General Motors (GM) knew it would only take 57 cents to make its cars safer, but it chose to put profits over safety. GM was ultimately driven to safety by grieving parents and their attorney, who held GM accountable in the civil justice system.

But if GM had its way, the public would never have known about its deadly ignition switch scandal. For over a decade, GM hid its wrongdoing in order to keep its dangerous cars on the market and continue to profit while American lives were threatened.

Court secrecy endangers consumers and allows corporations to hide wrongdoing.

CLICK HERE to tell Congress to support the Sunshine in Litigation Act (S.2364 / H.R.4361) to keep corporations from hiding dangerous products and to motivate manufacturers to correct these hazards earlier instead of waiting until more deaths and injuries occur.

Tell Congress Americans have a right to know about hazardous and defective products! CLICK HERE to make your voice heard today!