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Older Motorcyclists are Suffering More Road Fatalities

Motorcyclists love riding in South Carolina where scenic routes take you through the coastal plains of the Lowcountry to the thick forests of the Piedmont in the upstate. Riders enjoy views of farms, coastlines, rivers and waterfalls. It’s no wonder a growing number of motorcyclists are attracted to our roads and those of every state in our beautiful country. In fact, according to numerous government and industry sources, motorcycle ridership in the United Staes is at an all-time high, especially among older riders. And while the number of young motorcycle riders killed in crashes continues to drop, fatalities among riders age 50 or older are on the rise.

Why? Contributing factors include weather and road conditions, the lack of safety features, mental and physical skill, as well as riding without a helmet, while intoxicated or speeding.

Older Motorcyclist

Check Your Insurance

After strapping on your helmet, the next best protection you can have in case of a motorcycle accident is insurance. As we’ve discussed in other auto insurance blog posts, minimum insurance coverage may not adequately protect you in a serious accident. Understand the different types of insurance available, seek the advice of a qualified advisor, and carefully review policies from several different insurers. More on insurance for motorcyclists can be found in our monthly newsletter, Let America Know.

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents – Tips for Riders and Drivers

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers the following tips for riders and drivers (download) to help prevent motorcycle accidents. Read more about each tip here.

For Riders:

  • Be Properly Trained and Licensed
  • Wear a Helmet
  • Never Drink and Drive
  • Ride Within Your Skill Limits and Obey Traffic Laws
  • Be a Lifelong Learner
  • See Fool’s Gear, Cool Gear:


For Drivers:

  • Watch for Motorcyclists
  • Give Motorcyclists Enough Room
  • Use Your Turn Signals
  • Keep Trash in the Car
  • Focus on Driving. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to the growing problem of distracted driving, as discussed here in this clip from a Colorado television news report:

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Let’s all do our part to keep motorcyclists safe on the roads and prevent accidents. In the event you or a loved one has already faced a tragic road injury, please seek legal counsel. Barrow Law Firm is your expert team on auto accidents in the Lowcountry – simply give us a call.