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Top 2015 Safety and Justice Stories to Watch

Courageous Americans dedicated to making this a safer, more just nation are a gift to us all. Whether we’re talking the toys we buy for our children, the drywall we install in our homes, the new cars we park in our garages, the guardrails that keep them on the road, or even the nursing home care we arrange for our elderly parents, several unsafe or unfair practices were uncovered in 2015 thanks to the courage of ordinary citizens and – when necessary – a court of law.

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2015 Top Safety & Justice Stories

It was a busy year for those who fight for the health, safety and legal rights of all Americans. While this short list is by no means exhaustive, here are some of the top stories we were watching in 2015. To read all about them, click over to this month’s issue of Let America Know:

  • 1- Forced Arbitration Is Forced Injustice. Loopholes prohibit Americans from taking companies to court and instead forces them into secretive arbitrations.
  • 2- Food That Sickens Rather Than Nourishes. Food contamination incidences are growing each year at popular restaurants. Questionable production techniques and cost-saving measures, combined with weak state and federal oversight, threaten to make the situation worse.
  • 3- Cost Savings Creates Deadly Defect in Guardrails. Saving money isn’t always the safest step when talking about highway safety. Sometimes they create defects and deadly hazards!
  • 4- Exploding Airbags Seriously Injure Motorists. Automobile manufacturer knew of defects for years but failed to take action; they received a sharp penalty for their mistake.
  • 5- New Regulations Protect Nursing Home Residents. Designed to improve patient care and safety for more than 1.5 million Americans living in long-term care facilities, find out how your loved ones will be protected more.
  • 6- VW Trumps GM as Most Untrustworthy Car Maker. Wrongful death lawsuits shed light on how often vehicle manufacturers are willing to jeopardize the health and safety of consumers to protect their profits.
  • 7- Defective Products Create “House of Horrors”. Consumers have fought back against shoddy manufacturers through class-action lawsuits against products like toxic drywall, failing sprinklers, busting toilets and leaking windows.
  • 8- Toys Still Injuring Kids. While regulators, safety advocates and the parents of injured children have succeeded in ridding store shelves of many unsafe toys, too many still get through. What can we do?

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What Concerns You Most?

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