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DOT Included in Fatal Car Crash Lawsuit

In Utah recently a wrongful death suit was brought against their Department of Transportation for improper snow removal from an on-ramp off Interstate 215 where a woman crashed her vehicle. The accident occurred in January 2011. The snow apparently was piled up so much as to create a “ramp” of sorts that caused the car to careen over the rail and crash.

While we likely do not have this problem here in South Carolina with a warmer climate, other negligent acts of our Department of Transportation can create unreasonably dangerous roadway conditions that cause or worsen foreseeable traffic accidents and injuries.

If you, your family, or friends suffer injuries which may have been caused or worsened by dangerous roadway conditions in Charleston, please contact Barrow Law Firm for a consultation. Serious roadway injuries are more common during the Holiday season. Please drive carefully and cautiously!