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Juries Rule Against Wal-Mart and General Motors Auto Repair Facilities

Car accidents happen all the time, and sometimes they are due to the vehicle malfunctioning after servicing. That’s exactly what happened to two different families who have won settlements against the auto repair facilities.

A jury recently ruled against Wal-Mart, awarding $18.9M to the surviving family members of a woman and her two children who were killed because of a negligently installed tire on their minivan. The tire blew out, causing the minivan to crash, killing the two children and their mother. The tire had been installed by a Wal-Mart automotive department employee who violated industry standards by installing the new tire on a wheel rim that was in poor condition. Standards dictate that wheel rims in poor condition should never be re-used.

Similarly, in another case a $3.5M settlement was reached against a General Motors repair facility when it overlooked a worn rear wheel bearing on an SUV. The rear axle and differential of the SUV were being serviced at the shop, and the wheel bearing on one side was inspected and replaced; the wheel bearing on the opposite side of the vehicle was not inspected or replaced. Later, while the family was traveling on the expressway, the old wheel bearing failed, the axle broke, the wheel flew off, and the vehicle crashed and rolled, inflicting serious injuries to several family members.

If your vehicle fails in any respect or if you are in an auto accident because of improper vehicle services, be sure to contact a lawyer immediately. It’s important that broken parts and other critical evidence can be preserved so your legal rights protected. We are happy to meet with you during an initial, complimentary consultation to go over your personal injury case.