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Harmful Drugs Target Women More Than Men

Over the years, several breakthroughs in science and medicine have helped women manage gender-specific health concerns. Some of these concerns include menstrual discomfort and menopause, contraception, beauty and diet, and anxiety and depression. There is also a long list of drugs and medical devices that either haven’t delivered as promised or, much worse, have injured and killed women… some that are still being used to this day.

When women and their families demand justice in a court of law, they often learn that major pharmaceutical companies knowingly put profit ahead of safety. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t have the resources or the means to remove harmful drugs from the marketplace.

By The Numbers

  • Eight of the 10 drugs pulled from the U.S. market from 1997 to 2001 posed a greater health risk for women than men. (Source: U.S. Government Accountability Office)
  • $896 Million. That’s what Pfizer, the world’s largest drug maker, has paid so far to resolve lawsuits claiming that its hormone replacement drugs cause breast cancer. (Source: Pfizer Paid $896 Million in Prempro Settlements, Bloomberg)
  • 0% Fault. A 2008 Supreme Court ruling held that the makers of FDA-approved medical devices can’t be held responsible for injuries, even if their product is defective and later recalled. (Source: Unequal Harm, American Association for Justice)

Awareness, Skepticism Key to Drug Safety

There are too many problem drugs and medical devices to list here. Check out the sources below and review advice on how to avoid dangerous medical products:

Important Health Information Links for Women

There are many organizations seeking to promote health safety in women and protect women against harmful prescription drugs. Here are a few I want to share with you if you’d like more information or want to take further action.

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