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Tips for a Safe Holiday Season – Avoid Drunk Driving Accidents

We recently explored the alarming number of decorating injuries and Christmas tree fires that occur each year during the Holidays.

What’s worse is the number of accidents and fatalities associated with having too much libation. Driving drunk or intoxicated is inexcusable, and the number of incidents spikes during major holidays like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

Many will host Holiday get togethers and parties, and more than likely, alcohol will be an item on the festive menu. Take these specific steps to ensure you are a responsible social host:

  • Stay in control – If you choose to serve alcohol at your party, stay within your own limits to set a good example for guests.
  • Choose a reliable bartender – Don’t let underage guests drink alcohol; You can be held liable if an intoxicated minor leaves your party and is injured or injures someone else. Consider closing the bar 90 minutes early and offering non-alcoholic beverages like tea or coffee along with dessert.
  • Watch your guests – Arrange rides for any guests who appear to be intoxicated. If they insist on leaving, take their keys, ask a sober guest for help or drive them home yourself. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has a Safe Party Guide with more information.

And, a couple more important safety tips:

  • Test your smoke alarms – Keep fresh batteries in all smoke alarms and ask guests to smoke outside. One out of four fatal victims of smoking-material fires is not the smoker whose cigarette started the fire.
  • Be careful when cooking – Do not leave a pot unattended on the stove and remain in the kitchen while cooking.

Remember there are certain legalities involved with hosting parties. In the event you need representation or have questions about social hosting, please contact Barrow Law Firm. And, most importantly, stay safe this Holiday season!