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Preparing for your Initial Consultation with Your Divorce Attorney

We’re starting a New Year, and that could unfortunately mean a trip to the divorce attorney’s office for some. It’s a time when many start fresh; you’ve likely seen a friend or relative go through the divorce process. Preparing for your initial divorce consultation with Barrow Law Firm will help to make that time more productive.

Documentation You Need for Your Divorce

If divorce is something you are contemplating, go ahead and start with important information gathering. Here are some important documentation tips:

  • Assemble financial documents. Understand where your bank accounts are and make sure you know where any family investments might be, like a brokerage house, stock market, etc.
  • Understand any retirement plans that may exist.
  • Find out how your real estate and any personal property is titled, like your cars (husband, wife, business, kids).
  • Review your health insurance policies. Who is covered?
  • Did you set up any college accounts for your children? If so, where were they set up and what type of account is it (529 plan or another bank or financial institution).
  • Go ahead and visit the South Carolina Judicial Department website, locate the Family Court forms, and complete the Financial Declaration. It’s similar to a bank loan application, but will require a little more detail. If you aren’t sure, look at receipts for 12 months and divide by 12 to get monthly expenditures.
  • Aggregate household expenses like your Internet, pets, groceries, cell phones, etc.

If you’re considering a separation, discreetly begin searching for a separate place to live. This will require some effort and time; this is a proactive search that will result in a new place for you, your children, or your spouse, depending on your particular circumstances.


What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Our purpose is to help solve your marital problems and disentangle personal and financial partnerships. We are not therapists, but we do refer counseling as needed. Our goal is to make this process as painless as we can. We’ve found that limiting fights will help resolve differences quicker. Step by step we’ll work together to get you through this difficult process.

We encourage you to seek legal counsel during your divorce and not represent yourself. We’ve seen all kinds of pitfalls and traps. Let us help you through this challenging moment in life.

To set up your personal, one-hour divorce consultation, please contact our law firm. Normal hourly rates apply. Find out more about our Family Law services and consult our FAQ’s. Let us know how we can best serve you.