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Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer at Camps

I recently received an email with great information from Corey Andres – parent, professional educator, and former camp director – about exercising great measures to ensure your children have a safe and pleasant camp experience this summer.

It’s true that many of us are guilty about not checking out day, week or overnight camps as much as we should. Where do you even start your research? Many hours are spent up front just finding the camps themselves (by the way, here is a great camp locator by the American Camp Association), and many sites or brochures do not offer the most critical information we need as parents to make informed selections and keep our children safe.

“As a parent, professional educator, and former camp director, I am often shocked at the disproportionate efforts parents put into selecting daycare centers, kindergarten programs, and school districts for their children when compared to their relative minimal efforts in selecting a camp. I am not sure if the illusion of goodhearted fun distorts their decision making, but rarely do parents stop to ask critical questions about how their child will be cared for during camp before registering.” – Andres, Camp Safety – Expert Article on the Questions To Ask Before Sending Your Child to Camp.


As with any activity, injuries or even deaths can happen at summer camps. Did you know that injury levels are the highest for boys’ football, boys’ wrestling and girls’ soccer camps? (Source: Know your child’s risk for injury by talking to the camp administrators.

Do you remember your first camp away from your parents? First time campers will be nervous and homesick. Discuss it with your camper BEFORE he or she goes to camp, explain what it’s like to feel homesick. Remind them that they’ll be home soon and will be better off for the experience.

What else do you need to know about your son or daughter’s summer camp? What questions do you need to ask to be more informed? Andres explores this topic and provides his professional advice, which we greatly appreciate and want to share with our readers. He includes asking questions about staffing ratios, background checks, and training.

Do us a favor, parents. Read his article. And, if you are in Charleston or Mount Pleasant and run into legal issues or experience any injuries or issues with your child’s camp this summer, we ask that you contact us immediately. Stay safe!