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Swimming Pool Safety Measures to Prevent Drowning

Summer is the time for swimming, and we are right in the middle of summertime fun. Tragically, it is also when most drownings occur; especially for young children. Did you know that our laws require that swimming pools be guarded by safety fences and locking gates? Most homeowners are unaware of these required safety measures and put their children and others at risk daily. Even pool owners that do put up fences and gates sometimes poorly manage and maintain them. They then run the risk of becoming ineffective and don’t protect young children from the attraction of a swimming pool, which can lead to terrible losses. Failure to manage and maintain fences and gates properly may lead to legal responsibility in the event of injury or death. That means you – the homeowner – is held liable.

Don’t let an afternoon of summertime fun turn into a tragic event. Safeguard yourself and property from becoming the target of personal injury lawsuits. To prevent backyard swimming pool drownings:

  • During installation or construction, a temporary barrier must be set up.
  • Put up a 4-feet high barrier (fence) around the pool. It must completely obstruct access to the swimming pool.
  • Equip your pool with an alarm, which notifies you if someone enters the pool. There are some exceptions to this rule (like if safety covers are already in place) so familiarize yourself with appropriate requirements.
  • You or your family should contact Barrow Law Firm in the event you have a question about swimming pool safety. Working together, we can help improve the safety of pools and help prevent injuries and loss of life.