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Dangerous Highway Drop-offs Responsible for Auto Accidents

Highway drop-offs are often responsible for auto and truck crashes. State departments of transportation and construction companies that leave large drop-offs on the side of paved roads can be liable when a vehicle momentarily leaves the pavement, encounters the sudden drop-off, and then spins or careens out of control, striking other vehicles or roadside hazards.

This is often known as pavement-edge drop-off (PEDO). According to studies by the Federal Highway Association, an estimated 11,000 people suffer injuries and roughly 160 die annually in the United States in crashes related to unsafe pavement edges.

To help improve conditions and limit potential driving hazards, the roadside drop-offs should never be more than an inch or so high (many states try to maintain a drop-off of two inches or less), and should never be nearly vertical; instead, any drop-off should be significantly less than 90 degrees, with a 25-30 degree angle being much safer.

If you, a friend, or a loved one has suffered a severe injury from a car or truck accident caused by a dangerous highway drop-off, contact Barrow Law Firm immediately so that evidence of the defect can be documented and preserved.

Photo Credit: Federal Highway Association