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Sportspower Parkside Trampoline Recalled – Protect From Injuries

Do you remember jumping freely on a trampoline as a child, throwing all caution to the wind? Or, perhaps now you enjoy watching and smiling as your children enjoy the fun that comes along with trampolines. Trampolines can be lots of fun, when used properly and with adult supervision.

One brand, however, has recently been recalled because of defective metal legs that can puncture the fabric jumping area, causing serious injuries. They include deep, penetrating puncture wounds, eye injuries, damaged soft tissues, lacerations, and more. The trampoline model being recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission is the Sportspower Parkside TR-14FT-COM, which has an enclosure net. The word “Parkside” is printed on the safety netting, and they are sold exclusively at Sports Authority.

Do you know someone with this trampoline? Has anyone suffered an injury while using it or any other trampoline or recreational device? If so, please contact us immediately for a consultation. Do so quickly so evidence can be preserved and safeguarded and other measures implemented in order to protect the legal rights of anyone suffering such an injury.