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Celebrating a Safer, More Just America

There are people who make differences in this world. Ordinary people can take extraordinary actions to pursue justice. We know; we’ve discussed the importance of the civil justice system. Courageous American men and women take devastating moments in their lives and turn them into positive actions.

By the Numbers August 2014

This month we bring you the stories of four families that turned their grief and “what ifs” into something more. These are the nominees for the 2014 Justice Served Award, which honors individuals for their commitment to a safer, more just America.

  • Vicki Seliger Swenson, a sister who helped change state law to protect women after her sister was brutally murdered.
  • Eric Rice, a father fighting laws that penalize people hurt or killed by medical mistakes after his daughter died from a botched diagnosis.
  • Daphne Izer, a mother who started Parents Against Tired Truckers after her son and three friends were killed by a semi-driver who fell asleep at the wheel.
  • Ken and Beth Melton, parents who single-handedly uncovered GM’s attempt to hide problems with a faulty ignition switch after their daughter died in a car crash.

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