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Discussing Tort Reform & The Seventh Amendment

Let’s simply stop for a moment and talk about tort reform. We hear about it often in the news, recited by our local or national legislators aiming to stick to keyword messaging. But, do many understand exactly what tort reform is and, more importantly, its impact to our Constitutional liberties?

The Seventh Amendment is based on the centuries-old belief that the best way to protect individuals from the negligence or misconduct of others is through a trial by jury. Let’s be clear – the Seventh Amendment is currently under attack. Advocates of “tort reform” are pushing for an overhaul of our civil justice system, which would change common law and is in stark opposition to the vision of our Founding Fathers.

Tort Reform Statistic So, who exactly benefits from tort reform? says insurers, big tobacco and Fortune 500 companies do because such measures insulate corporate profits from lawsuits while shell groups hide the truth from the American people.

Attacks Posing as “Tort Reform” Limit Right to Trial by Jury

The right to a trial is America’s great equalizer, protecting individuals from those with more power and influence. We should all be aware and concerned whenever this right is threatened. Here are 10 common statements you may hear in regards to tort reform.

  • “It’s about time the legislature pass tort reform.”
  • “Our courts are swamped with personal injury lawsuits.”
  • “Frivolous lawsuits are ruining America.”
  • “Runaway juries award millions in suspect damages.”
  • “Capping damages on medical malpractice cases would cut the skyrocketing costs of health care in this country.”
  • “There is a doctor shortage because of malpractice lawsuits.”
  • “Lawsuits are killing small businesses in America.”
  • “Personal injury lawyers charge outrageous hourly fees and leave their clients with nothing if they win.”
  • “Schools are canceling recess because of litigation.”
  • “And now no one will volunteer to coach Little League because they worry they might be sued.”

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What do you think about tort reform?

Were you aware that the Seventh Amendment is under attack? Do you plan to stand with many on September 17 and support Constitution Day? Share your thoughts.