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Georgia Hospital Sued Over Infant Deaths

Families in Georgia charge that over a two-month period, three newborn fatalities were the result of substandard medical care. Lawsuits have been filed in the state of Geogria accusing medical professionals at the hospital of negligence during the birthing process of the three infants. The legal papers claim the health care professionals did not recognize the symptoms of early labor in one case, they improperly delayed a caesarean delivery in another case, and they failed to note fetal distress in the third case, which resulted in severe brain damage and death of the baby.

These types of medical malpractice law cases are complex and difficult. Families must be able to prove substandard medical care and also prove that the substandard medical care was the cause of the injuries. In most cases, expert testimony is necessary in order to prove these matters in a court of law.

We have been proving these types of cases for over thirty years and understand the issues involved and the best way to meet the burden of proof necessary to see that justice is done.

If you or someone you know have experienced what you feel was medical malpractice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Childbirth should be a beautiful experience for all.