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Veterans Malpractice Lawsuit

A VA hospital recently settled a law suit based upon substandard medical care. The widow of a veteran brought the case after her husband died from a botched hernia repair, which put a hole in the man’s bowel causing a fatal infection.

Some health care providers assert that such events are “a risk of the procedure”, using this argument to try to escape responsibility. However, the patient doesn’t assume the risk of a procedure that is performed in a substandard fashion – an important distinction in the law. By analogy, a motorist might understand that there is a risk of a collision on the road, but this does not mean that the motorist who is injured has assumed the risk of the careless driving of others.

There are thousands of active service men and women as well veterans who call Charleston home. Whether you are in a military family or not, all Americans are due proper medical treatment. Should you or your family or friends feel that substandard medical care has occurred, resulting in serious injuries or wrongful death, please don’t hesitate to contact Barrow Law Firm to discuss your concerns. We are here to fight for what you are entitled to receive.

For additional information about the VA hospital case, read the full details.