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Workplace Injuries Caused by Machine Hazards

Many times the most severe and most common on-the-job injuries are caused by industrial equipment. Since the invention of machines, injuries have occurred, but over the years machinery has become much safer. There are three main reasons for the safety shift:

  • First, technology has advanced permitting the elimination of hazards in the machinery itself.
  • Secondly, when hazards cannot be completely eliminated, guards can be placed to help prevent direct exposure to the dangers of the machinery.
  • Finally, when all else fails, better warnings have become commonplace.

We are blessed to live in a highly industrial region as Charleston continues to focus on bringing highly-skilled labor jobs to the area. This means we have a lot of men and women who work near potentially hazardous industrial equipment on a daily basis.

We’ve helped many individuals who have, unfortunately, suffered on-the-job injuries caused by machinery. With some analysis, we’re able to identify possible methods to obtain proper compensation and payment of bills. But, it’s imperative that we’re contacted immediately so the circumstances of the case can be documented.

Have you been in a situation or workplace that didn’t follow proper safety procedures? Did an injury occur? Call or email our office if you’d like to schedule a Worker’s Compensation consultation. We’ll listen and help you proceed appropriately.