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Workplace Dangers & OSHA Safety Rules

Construction sites, commercial, public works, and residential, are some of the most dangerous places to work. Statistics show that falls are the most common type of workplace injuries and account for roughly one-third of fatalities related to construction sites.

OSHA has recognized this terrible fact and has issued numerous safety rules to help prevent injuries and deaths while people are just trying to earn a living. Some of these rules relate to planning, proper equipment and safety features, as well as proper training. Employees must be protected from falling when they work at heights of six feet or more above a lower level. Other common workplace injuries and fatalities include being struck by heavy materials or equipment, electrocution, burns, and being trapped.

If you or a member of your family, friends, neighbors, or acquaintances suffer a workplace injury of any nature, be sure to contact Barrow Law Firm immediately so that an appropriate investigation can be undertaken before crucial evidence is lost or destroyed. For more information on workplace dangers, visit our workplace injuries page.